Monthly TDS Return

TDS month starting from July 2016

This facility is available to payers who have been granted access and have been allocated a password by MRA. Other payers should use the facility provided by the Mauritius Network Services Ltd (MNS).

  • Circular Letter to Employers
  • As from July 2016, payers will have to submit, on a monthly basis, the details of the payees in respect of whom TDS has been effected during the month in CSV or XML file format.
  • However, if you wish to input payee details one by one, you may select "SCREEN INPUT" on the screen appearing after login.
  • Payers should ensure that payment of the total TDS is effected by the due date.


  • Before you start, ensure that you have your username, password and your CSV or XML file ready as per MRA's specifications.


Click here to file your Monthly TDS Return


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E-Filing Service Centre

EFiling Service Centres – Click here to file Monthly TDS Return on behalf of a taxpayer


General information for Electronic Filing of Monthly TDS Return:

Kindly read the instructions below before starting to file the return

  • Payers are recommended to use a recent version of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as browser to file their return.

  • Kindly note that it is the payer’s responsibility to file a correct and complete return.

  • Please ensure that you provide your email address and telephone number as they will be used by MRA to communicate with you.

  • On successful submission of your return, an acknowledgement ID will be displayed on your screen followed by an email confirming same. If you have not received an acknowledgement ID, the submission is incomplete. Please take necessary actions to correctly submit your return.

Who should file Monthly TDS Return?

Every payer who has deducted tax under TDS.

E-filing of Monthly TDS Return

The monthly TDS return should be in one of the following file formats:

  • CSV (click here for more information), or
  • XML (click here for more information)

Click on the links below to obtain the specifications, templates and step-by-step guide.

CSV file format

For periods July 2023 onwards

For periods October 2022 to June 2023

For periods July 2019 to September 2022

For periods prior to July 2019

XML file format

Guidelines for e-fling


Click here to file your Monthly TDS Return


Click here for e-Payment


Deadline for e-filing of Monthly TDS Return

The return should be filed electronically not later than 20 days from the end of the month following which the tax was deducted. Where both the return and the payment are effected electronically, the due date is the end of the month following which the tax was deducted. Please note that a penalty of 10% and interest of 1% per month or part of the month is applicable on any tax paid after the due date.

Modes of Payment

  1. Direct Debit

    To make use of this payment facility, you should fill in a "PLACH Direct Debit Mandate Form" available here or at MRA's Service Counter and send it to MRA's Head Office before the due date for filing the Monthly TDS Return for onward processing to your bank. Payers, who have already availed themselves of this payment facility, need not fill in a new "PLACH Direct Debit Mandate Form".

  2. Cash / Cheque

    Payment may be made by cash or cheque at MRA's cash counters, Ehram Court, Port Louis, from Monday to Friday (09 00 to 15 30). While effecting payment, please ensure that you have your Business Registration Number (BRN), the amount of tax and a copy of your acknowledgement confirmation.

    Cheques drawn to the order of the Director General MRA crossed "MRA A/C" or "Account Payee Only" may be sent by post. Please write your name, Business Registration Number (BRN) and the month on verso of cheque. The cheque should reach the MRA Headquarters, Ehram Court, Port Louis not later than 20 days after the end of the month in which tax was deducted.

TDS Remittance Voucher prior to July 2016

General Information for Electronic Filing of TDS Remittance Voucher and Payment of Tax:

If you are using Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8, you may file your return on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox using Adobe Reader 8 (click here to download) or any other higher versions of Adobe Reader.

Adobe Reader 8 will also allow you to file your return on Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP. However if you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8, you will need Internet Explorer 11 and Adobe Reader 11 to file your return.

If you are still having issues to file your return electronically, please click here for browser settings.

Only the first TDS Remittance Voucher sent electronically will be processed. In case you wish to amend your voucher, please submit a TDS Remittance Voucher downloadable from our website or available at MRA service counter, Ehram Court.


Click here to file your TDS Remittance Voucher


Filing of TDS Remittance Voucher

  1. Enter your TAN and Password, click on "Login". Select the month which is applicable and click on "Start Filing" to access your online form.

  2. Your TAN, Name and Tax Deducted for the month will automatically appear on the TDS Remittance Voucher. In case there are changes in your personal data, kindly fill in a "Personal Data change Form" available here or MRA Service Counter and send it to MRA.

  3. Ensure that you have all the required information before you begin. While filling the TDS Remittance Voucher, please insert a valid e-mail address in order to obtain an acknowledgment confirming that your TDS Remittance Voucher has been received by MRA for further processing.

  4. To move from one field to another, click on tab key on your keyboard.

  5. While inserting the figures in the TDS Remittance Voucher, the total remittance will be calculated automatically.

  6. If you wish to print a copy of your TDS Remittance Voucher, please do so before you submit the voucher online.

  7. After submission, kindly print the acknowledgement confirmation for payment purposes. 

 Support services

MRA Help Desk,  207 6000 is available during office hours from 08 45 to 16 30 on working days to assist employers to file their TDS return.

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