Special Allowance - Employees

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  1. With the introduction of minimum wage as from January 2018, full time employees deriving a monthly basic pay of less than Rs. 9,000 are entitled to a Special Allowance to top-up his/ her wage so that he/ she can get at least Rs. 9000 monthly.

  2. Employees, who are entitled to the Special Allowance but whose bank accounts have not yet been credited, are hereby requested to communicate their bank account details to their employers for onward submission to the MRA.

  3. Leaflets on Special Allowance

  4. Employees may alternatively provide their bank details directly to the MRA using the following options: 

    1. ArrowRight2Blue Click here to submit your bank details 

    2. send an SMS on 5 252 8282 in the following format:

      <SPA>space<NID>space<Other Names>space<Surname>space<bank name>space<Bank account number>

      Example: SPA S010168010133C John Smith SBM 12345678912345

  5. For any additional information, you may phone on MRA Help Desk 207 6000.