Financial Support to Business Operators following increase in price of "Diesel" – Monthly Statement

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As a relief measure to the recent increase in retail price of Gas Oil (Diesel), the Government of the Republic of Mauritius has decided to provide a financial support of Rs. 5 per litre of "Diesel" consumed to certain categories of persons in business.

The financial support is effective as from 07 October 2023. The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) has been entrusted with the responsibility to effect payment of Rs 5. for each litre of “Diesel” consumed to business operators.

  1. Monthly statement for payment of the financial support

    1. After having registered for the financial support, eligible business operators are required to submit a monthly statement electronically to the Director-General and provide the details of the purchase of “Diesel” from “filling stations” and delivered directly in vehicles and / or in bulk.

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    2. Details to be included in the monthly statement in respect to diesel delivered by “filling station” in vehicles and other purchase of diesel are as follows:

        • Invoice Date

        • Invoice Number

        • Business Registration Number (BRN) of Supplier

        • Name of Supplier (Filling Station)

        • Registration Number of Vehicle (where Filling Station supplied “Diesel” directly in the Vehicle)

        • Number of litres purchased

        • Amount in MUR

      The above details can be provided either manually by inserting the corresponding information in the respective cells or by uploading a CSV file in the appropriate format.

    3. Business Operators should also provide details on the number of litres of “diesel” used for private purposes.

    4. The statement with respect to a month should be submitted by the 15th of the following month but not later than three months after the end of that month. The statement for the month of October 2023 should be submitted by end of November 2023 and not later than end of January 2024.

    5. Eligible business operators are required to be compliant with their tax/social contributions.

  2. Bank Account Details

    The bank account details provided on registration will be used to effect payment by the MRA. Where there is a change in the bank account, business operators are required to contact the MRA by sending an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  3. Records, documents and receipts/invoices required to be kept by business operators

    Business operators are requested to keep:

    1. the original receipt/invoice, in chronological order, in respect of “Diesel” purchased;

    2. records with respect to “Diesel” delivered by “Filling Stations” directly in motor vehicles or in bulk including the items specified at point 1(b) above;

    3. records of Registration Number of vehicles or other machines/equipment in which “Diesel” purchased in bulk was used; and

    4. records of “Diesel” used for private and for business purposes respectively.

    After the payment, MRA may carry out an audit and any excess amount claimed/paid will be claimed back accordingly.

    CSV file format to upload details of purchase made

    Diesel delivered by “filling station” in vehicles

    Click on the links below to obtain the specifications and templates.

    Other purchase of diesel

    Click on the links below to obtain the specifications and templates.

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