Mobile Apps

Bill of Entry (BOE)

The Mobile Application for Bill of Entry (BOE) Status has been developed to allow Importers/Exporters to have an online real-time visibility of the status of their validated Bill of Entry on mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets.

Click Here to view brochure on Customs Mobile Application for Bill of Entry (BOE) Status.



DrugFreeMoris aims at raising awareness among the Mauritius community on the ill effects of drugs. The mobile app features description on the different types of drugs, prevention methods, treatment centres and video testimonials of former drug addicts. DrugFreeMoris also provides a secure platform for anonymous reporting of illicit trafficking in Mauritius.

DrugFreeMoris was fully developed by the Customs Department of the Mauritius Revenue Authority in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

DrugFreeMoris can be downloaded from Google Play Store (Android devices) or App Store (IOS-Apple devices).

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