Visiting Crafts - General Information

Mauritius is visited by various crafts (aircrafts and marine vessels) ranging from commercial crafts to pleasure crafts. These can be listed below:

  • Cargo Aircrafts
  • Passenger Aircrafts
  • Private Jets
  • Container Vessels
  • General Cargo Carriers
  • Dry Bulk Carriers
  • Tankers (Liquid Carriers)
  • Fishing Vessels
  • Cruise Vessels
  • Yacht

During the last 10 years our International Trade has increased exponentially and so has the influx of passengers visiting Mauritius.

To be able to control this ever increasing traffic of passengers and cargo, Customs has set up some procedures which ultimately help in facilitating legitimate trade and bona fide passengers and at the same time enforce more strict control over illegitimate trade and suspected passengers.

This section will give you an overview of procedures required for visiting crafts.

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