Small Crafts (yatch)

  1. Small Crafts Arrival
  2. Small Crafts Departure

Arrival Information


Masters of yachts are required to call at the Customs Landing Steps which is the only port of entry for yachts upon immediate arrival for customs formalities.


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Health & Quarantine Formalities


  • Please stay on board. No person except the Health officer is allowed on board, nor can any person, animal or article leave the yacht until clearance has been obtained.
  • You should declare to the Quarantine officer any plants, animals and any agricultural item on board the yacht.


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Customs Formalities

  1. After clearance from Health Authorities, the yacht will be boarded by Customs.
  2. Customs will provide a set of documents to be filled by Master giving information on:
    • Declaration by Master/Owner of Pleasure Boat (Form 31)
    • The Crew members and their possession, including dutiable goods (Form 24)
    • Name of yacht, registration number, port of registry etc. (Ship Master’s Report)
    • Duration of stay and place of stay
    • Last port of call, Purpose of Visit, Name of Skipper, Name of Crew and Passengers (if any)
    • Parcel List
    • Arms and ammunitions or allied products form, certifying that there are no such articles on board. If in possession of such articles, the Master should hand them over to the Customs. Same shall be detained and handed over to Police for safe keeping and will be returned to him upon departure.
    • Narcotics and controlled drugs list
    • Yacht declaration (Form 3)
    • IMO Forms


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Immigration Formalities


All people will be required to produce a valid passport. Visa will be issued by the Immigration Authorities upon presentation of required documents.




    1. After boarding of Health officer, the yacht can be boarded either by the Customs Officer and/or the Immigration Officer irrespective of the order.


    2. Any controlled drugs and dangerous cargo should be declared to Customs and should be accompanied by required documents.


    3. Underwater Fishing is strictly prohibited in Mauritius, therefore if you are in possession of an Underwater Fishing Gun, it will be detained by Customs during your stay. Same will be returned back to you at the time of departure.


    4. Keep all food and animals secure until your yacht has been inspected by the Health officer.


    5. Do not trade foodstuffs with other overseas vessels.


    6. Keep your vessel free of Insects


    7. Do not throw any waste or foodstuffs overboard at sea or when moored.


    8. Report any suspicious behaviour of other yachts to the boarding Customs Officer or to the Customs Hotline: 8958


    9. Please note that according to Customs Laws (Section 128 of the Customs Act) any vessel can be rummaged by Customs Officers in the performance of their duties.


    10. A security by bank guarantee (to cover the amount of duty and taxes payable on such pleasure boats) is required if the owner or master of any pleasure boat intends to stay for more than 3 months.


    11. If a pleasure boat fails to leave Mauritius at the expiry of the authorised period, the security/bank guarantee shall be realised.


    12. Currency or Bearer Negotiable Instruments of an amount of more than 500, 000 rupees or its equivalent in any foreign currency shall be disclosed to the proper officer.


    13. During the stay, any change in the declaration made by the owner/master should be reported to Customs



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Departing from Port of Entry


All yachts sailing from Mauritius after their stay should depart from the Customs Port of Entry (Customs Landing Steps).


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Notice of Departure


Customs should be informed in advance about the scheduled departure to be able to entertain departure formalities.


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Certificate of Clearance


A certificate of clearance will be issued by the Proper Officer (Customs) and the following information will be required:


  • Yacht’s name or number
  • Yacht’s Nationality and Port of Registration
  • Master’s name
  • Names of Ports in order of arrival


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Return of Firearms and Underwater Fishing Guns


Underwater Fishing Gun will be returned back to you at time of clearance (customs). The police department should be informed of the time of departure for the restitution of Firearms.


Wildlife and endemic products are strictly controlled by Customs. If you intend to take with you such items you should be in possession of the appropriate permits / certificates delivered by the relevant authorities.

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