IMO - FAL (International Maritime Organisation - Facilitation)

The IMO concept is a set of directives which simplifies maritime transport by standardising certain basic reporting formalities that ships have to fulfil when arriving in and/or departing from ports. These reporting formalities relate to the ship, its stores, its crew’s effects, its crew list, its cargo and for cruise ship its passenger list and they are sent electronically. The Directive contains a common set of seven model forms that are deemed sufficient to satisfy the particular formalities they cover.


The IMO FAL (International Maritime Organisation’s Facilitation) forms can be listed as follows:


    • Form 1 (general declaration)
    • Form 2 (cargo Declaration)
    • Form 3 (ship’s stores declaration)
    • Form 4 (crew’s effects declaration)
    • Form 5 (crew list)
    • Form 6 (passenger list)
    • Form 7 (dangerous cargo manifest)
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