FAQ's - Visiting Crafts

  1. I am the owner of a yacht, I want to know whether there is any charges imposed by customs or other authorities for boarding purposes?

    No charge is imposed by Customs for the clearance of incoming and outgoing yachts.However customs cannot give information for other authorities.


  2. Is it essential for me to wait for the Health and Quarantine officer in the yacht?

    Yes, before the health officer boarding it is recommended for you (Master) and every crew member/passenger to remain on board. However, in case of emergency you can inform the officers posted at the Customs Landing Steps (Customs/Coast Guards) about the matter. It is in your interest to report any kind of health hazards among your crew members especially if you have visited regions with known epidemic precedence.


  3. Is it important to mention the previous ports where I have called? 

    Yes, it is important for the Health Authorities to know where you have called as there might be health alerts from your previous ports of call. Customs also uses this information for profiling purposes.


  4. After Customs clearance from the port of entry, can I go anywhere in Mauritius?

    Yes, after clearance from health, immigration and Customs authorities you can berth to any Marina and places in Mauritius provided you have mentioned the places and respective dates in the Master’s declaration form.


  5. What is the maximum amount of days may I stay in Mauritius with my Yacht?

    After customs clearance upon arrival you can stay in Mauritius for a period of 3 months without any further customs formalities. However if you intend to stay for more than 3 months a security by office cheque or other bank guarantee (to cover the amount of duty, excise duty and taxes payable on such pleasure boats) will be required.


  6. Is a manifest report necessary if a ship/aircraft does not have any Cargo destined for Mauritius?

    Yes, a manifest report from the port of loading should be submitted to Customs even if none of the goods on board is destined for Mauritius.


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