Commercial Vessel

  1. Commercial Vessel Arrival
  2. Commercial Vessel Departure

Arrival Information


The master, owner or duly authorised agent of every commercial ships arriving in Mauritius should inform Customs in advance of their arrival. In addition to that, a report in respect of the ship’s cargo and passengers (full and complete inward manifest) should be submitted to Customs, in electronic or in any other manner acceptable to the Director General.


The time limit for the submission of the inward manifest is:

  • for a ship arriving from Reunion Island-not later than 5 hours before arrival
  • for a ship from any other port-not later than 24 hours before arrival


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Reporting to a Port of Entry


On arrival, commercial vessels should call at authorised ports of entry, that is the Port-Louis Harbour. It is the Mauritius Ports Authority that will decide where the vessel will be moored.


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Customs Processing


  1. Ship’s inward Manifest is a declaration made by the master in respect of:
    • All goods on board
    • Arms and ammunitions and allied products
    • Goods intended to be landed in Mauritius
    • Goods intended for transhipment
    • Goods kept on board for other ports


  2. Crew list
  3. Crew effects declaration
  4. Passenger list 
  5. Ship's Stores declaration
  6. Parcel List 
  7. Master supplementary list Form 11
  8. Last Ports of Call
  9. Dangerous goods manifest



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Customs Seal


Highly dutiable goods such as cigarettes and alcoholic products will be kept under Customs Seal by the proper officer. A reasonable quantity of these products will be allowed on board for the daily consumption of passengers and crew members. Obscene matter (films and literature) will also be placed under customs seal.


In addition to that, ship’s store purchased locally from Freeports and Bonded Warehouse free of duty, excise duty and taxes need to be placed on board under customs supervision and/or sealed as required by Customs.


Customs seals may be broken once the vessel has left the Mauritian territory. The breaking of Customs seal without Customs authorisation (presence) and within the territorial waters is a customs offence.


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Customs Processing


The master, owner or duly authorised agent of the vessel departing for ports beyond the seas shall deliver to Customs a full and complete outward manifest, both in electronic form and hard copy in respects to its cargo and passengers, not later than 24 hours before departure.


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Pre-Clearance Certificate


Pre-Clearance can be obtained from Customs but it is not the final clearance. In fact the final clearance is obtained from the Director of Shipping. Final clearance is delivered upon presentation of the Pre-Clearance from Passport and Immigration, Customs, Mauritius Ports Authority and other related Authorities.


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Ship Stores


Vessels arriving to Mauritius are eligible to obtain stores, for consumption on board free of duty, excise duty and taxes. A request mentioning where the Ship Stores will be bought and duly signed by the Master should be submitted to Customs for approval.


However the quantity of some specific goods is restricted by customs. For instance, tobacco, wine, spirits and locally produced goods are allocated as follows:


  • Tobacco including cigars and cigarettes-250 gms per person per week
  • Spirits of all kinds-1 litre per person per week
  • Wine- 1 litre per person per week
  • Locally produced goods (e.g. sugar)- determined by Customs


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Fishing Vessels


Vessels going on fishing trips on banks need a clearance from the Ministry of Fisheries, Port State Control Unit and Seafood hub prior to their departure.


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