There are two main types of commercial aircrafts:


  • cargo planes also known as freighters which are designed for the carriage of goods rather than passengers, and
  • passenger planes which carry passengers as well as goods.


Procedures for aircrafts landing in Mauritius from foreign airport are more or less the same as compared to marine vessels.


That is the information that should be submitted by the agent to Customs are as follows:


  1. Aircraft’s inward Manifest that is a declaration by master of:
    • All goods on board (Cargo)
    • Goods intended to be landed in Mauritius
    • Goods intended for transhipment
    • Goods kept on board for other airports
    • Arms and ammunitions and allied products


  2. Passenger manifest:
    • Passengers on Board
    • Passengers intending to Depart from the aircraft
    • Passengers intending to Board the aircraft


  3. Crew manifest according to nationality


  4. Stores List


  5. Parcel List


  6. Controlled Drugs List


  7. Last Ports of Call



Submission of report:


The report should be submitted, in the case of an aircraft, where the flight duration:

  1. does not exceed 4 hours, at the time the wheels of the aircraft reach its body after take-off;



  2. exceeds 4 hours, not later than 4 hours before arrival
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