1. Origin Rulings

  2. Trade Agreements
    1. Interim Economic Partnership Agreement (iEPA) as per EU Decision 1/2020 of EPA Committee dated 14 January 2020, effective as from 31 March 2020

    2. Annex I to SADC Protocol on Trade

    3. Free Trade Agreement between The Republic of Turkey and The Republic of Mauritius

      1. Implementation of Free Trade Agreement between Mauritius and Turkey

      2. Free Trade Agreement

  3. Validation of Certificate of Origin

    Click on link for the Validation of Certificate of Origin.

    "This link allows Exporter/Importer (holder of a Certificate ID) to check validity of Certificates of Origin which have been issued at export by the MRA Customs Department for preferential trade agreements namely interim Economic Partnership Agreement, SADC Protocol on Trade, IOC Protocol, Pakistan-Mauritius Preferential Trade agreement and Turkey-Mauritius Free Trade Agreement".