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The Documentation Centre (DC) of the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) was set up on 13th February 2008 primarily to meet information needs of MRA staff. It houses a wealth of valuable print and non-print resources.


Being a technical Documentation Centre, it is an excellent gateway that caters to staff research needs as it contains mainly resources pertaining to taxation, business, management, accounting, economics and law, amongst others. MRA staff can make use of all the services available at the DC, such as borrowing, renewal, reservation, reference, internet browsing, binding and scanning facilities.


  1. Opening hours

    The DC services are available from 08hr45 AM to 16hr30 PM during weekdays including lunch break.


  2. Services provided by the Documentation Centre
    1. Lending service
    2. Reference service
    3. Literature Search
    4. Access to subscribed periodicals online
    5. Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)
    6. Computer workstations/ internet access/ Binding & Scanning facilities
    7. Posting of technical publications, legislations & court cases on the intranet


  3. Collection

    The DC has a well varied collection of around 6000 resources, comprising books, magazines, Annual Reports, tax cases, leaflets & guides amongst others. The collection of resources is mainly on the following subjects:

    1. Income Tax
    2. Value Added Tax
    3. Customs & Excise
    4. Management
    5. Economics
    6. Accounting
    7. Internal Audit
    8. Human Resource Management
    9. Investigations
    10. Self-help books
    11. Communication
    12. General reading


  4. Journal and Periodicals

    The DC is subscribed to a number of local and foreign journals and periodicals in either hard or soft copies from reputed tax and non-tax institutions. Some of the main sources are mentioned below:

    • OECDilibrary
    • LexisNexis Taxation magazine
    • LexisNexis Tax Journal
    • World Tax Journal
    • Bulletin For International Taxation
    • Harvard Business Review
    • Management
    • Tax Stamp News
    • Chartered Institute Of Personnel Management
    • The Economist
    • Business Magazine


  5. External users

    Any person, non-staff of the MRA, who wishes to consult the resources of the DC, must submit a written request. The request must be forwarded to the Assistant Director, Taxpayer Education & Communication Department, Mauritius Revenue Authority, Ehram Court, Cnr. Sir Virgil Naz & Mgnr. Gonin Streets, Port-Louis. Upon approval by the MRA, the external user will be informed promptly. However, a specific date and time will be scheduled for the visit and the external user will not be allowed to use multimedia means for any reproduction and all consultations should be in the Documentation Centre itself. To note that some materials, such as court cases and certain MRA publications meant solely for MRA staff, are not accessible to external visitors.


  6. For any further query, contact the Librarian on the following address:

    The Librarian
    Documentation Centre - Taxpayer Education & Communication Department
    Mauritius Revenue Authority -
    Level 9, Ehram Court, Cnr. Sir Virgil Naz & Mgnr. Gonin Streets, Port-Louis
    2007 6000 (Ext. 2919)