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Alert Us General Information  Drug Seizures FAQs


Drug Seizures


Below are pictures of major drug seizures effected by MRA Customs at entry points:

SeizureMonth of SeizureDrug SecuredQuantity
SD13May 2017Heroin & Cannabis14000 grams
SD12May 2017Heroin1600 grams
SD11April 2017Ecstasy32 Tablets
SD10March 2017Cannabis16250 grams
SD9March 2017Synthetic Drugs1000 grams
SD8March 2017Cannabis1919 grams
SD7March 2017Heroin157 000 grams
SD6March 2017Heroin6055 grams
SD5March 2017Heroin525 grams
SD4February 2017Cannabis Resin287 grams
SD3January 2017Cannabis Resin3000 grams
SD2October 2016Heroin2088 grams
SD1September 2016Cocaine & Synthetic drugs2000 grams
Alert Us General Information Drug Seizures FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why is the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) launching the Stop Drug Platform?

    The MRA is committed to the fight against drugs and illicit trade. In this view, the Stop Drug Platform shows, on one hand, MRA’s dedication to eradicate this social evil and, on the other, to amplify its combat against drugs.


  • I have information with regards to drug trafficking. Can I share this information to the MRA?

    Information relating to drugs/narcotics trafficking and smuggling may be sent to the MRA ANONYMOUSLY through

    • the Stop Drug Platform on MRA’s website,
    • email (stopdrugs@mra.mu) or
    • Free Call: 8958


  • Do I have to give my name and contacts when I denounce drug trafficking?

    It is optional. You do not necessarily have to give your name or contacts. The MRA will impartially investigate all information that is submitted.


  • Will my name and contacts be made public?

    The MRA guarantees the confidentiality of all informants. All information submitted will be strictly confidential and will not be shared to other stakeholders.


  • What is the track record of the MRA?

    Over the past 3 years, the MRA has intercepted drugs worth half a billion of rupees.


    The MRA has also won awards at different levels, namely the HR Champion of the HR Excellence Award 2013, the HR Excellence in Strategic HRM Award, the HR Excellence in Employer of Choice Award, the Special Jury HR Excellence Award and the Strategic HRM Award. In 2010, the MRA won the Best Anti-Corruption Framework Award.


    On the regional level, the MRA was awarded the African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF) Innovation Award for the VAT Lucky Draw in 2015, the Best Stamp Programme and the Best Design Award at the Tax Stamp Forum in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

Alert Us General Information Drug Seizures FAQs


General Information

Some of the direct consequences of drug abuse are as follows:


Violence Death Pregnancy Family Disease

Violent behaviour and suicidal thoughts

Deaths due to overdose

Effects on unborn children of pregnant drug users

Theft / crime / loss of employment & family breaking down

Spread of diseases such as HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases


Cannabis(Gandia), heroin, sedatives / tranquilizers and buprenorphine are the types of drugs which are mostly abused in Mauritius. It has been reported that even minors are abusing drugs. Synthetic cannabinoids is one of their favourites and as such there is no safe dangerous drug.