Annual Tax Deduction at Source Interest (TDSI) Return

Income year ended 30 June 2019


Who should file Annual TDSI Statement?

  1. Every Payer who, in respect of any month of the above income year:
    1. has submitted a monthly TDSI return; or
    2. has made TDS payments to MRA; or
    3. has not deducted TDS because the amount of TDS deductible is less than Rs 500;

    is required to submit an Annual TDSI Statement electronically.


  2. In the case of a financial institution, the return shall include, in respect of each payee, the aggregate amount of interest payable by the financial institution including its branches, where such aggregate amount exceeds 50,000 rupees, whether or not income tax has been deducted.


The deadline for the submission of Annual TDSI Return is 15 August 2019.


Payers having only a few payees may select “SCREEN INPUT” on the screen appearing after login to input details of their Payees.


Payers who have more Payees may submit the Annual TDSI Return by uploading a CSV file.




  • Before you start, ensure that you have your User ID (TAN) , password and the Payee details or CSV  file, as applicable, ready as per MRA's specifications.


Click here to file your Annual TDSI Return


E-Filing Service Centre


EFiling Service Centres – Click here to file Annual TDSI Return on behalf of a payer


General information for Electronic Filing of Annual TDSI Return for income year ended 30 June 2019:


Kindly read the instructions below before starting to file your Annual TDSI Return

  • Payers are recommended to use a recent version of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as browser to file their return.
  • Kindly note that it is the Payer's responsibility to file a correct and complete return.
  • Please ensure that you provide your email address and telephone number as they will be used by MRA to communicate with you.
  • On successful submission of your Annual TDSI Return, an acknowledgement ID will be displayed on your screen and followed by an email confirming same. If you have not received an acknowledgement ID, your submission is incomplete. Please take necessary actions to correctly submit your Annual TDSI Return.
  • Only one Annual TDSI Return can be submitted for any particular income year. However, in case you wish to make amendments to an Annual TDSI Return that has already been submitted, please contact MRA Help Desk on 207 6000.


Click on the below links to obtain the specifications, templates and step-by-step guide.


CSV file format


Income Year ended 30 June 2019


Guidelines for e-fling



Deadline for e-filing of Annual TDSI Return


The Annual TDSI Return should be filed electronically by 15 August 2019. In case of late submission, a penalty of Rs 5,000 per month or part of a month up to a maximum of Rs 20,000 is applicable.


Support services


For further information, you may call at the Customer Service Desks, ground floor, MRA Headquarters, Ehram Court, Corner Mgr Gonin & Sir Virgil Naz Streets, Port Louis or call MRA Help Desk on 207 6000.