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Mandate & Vision



  1. Our VisionMission & Vision

    To be a world class Revenue Authority respected for its professionalism, efficiency, fairness, integrity and its contribution to our economic and social development.


  2. Our Mission

    To continually reform and modernise Revenue Administration in order to manage and operate an effective and efficient Revenue organisation comprising highly motivated and skilled staff.


  3. Our Core Values




    Tranparency & Accountability
      1. Integrity

        MRA upholds the highest standards of integrity and honesty so as to gain the respect and confidence of taxpayers, stakeholders and the public at large.


      2. Responsiveness

        MRA endeavours to provide a prompt, efficient, effective and quality service to taxpayers, stakeholders and the public at large in an effort to exceed their expectations.


      3. Fairness

        MRA is committed to apply revenue laws impartially and objectively and treat everyone in an equitable manner.


      4. Transparency and Accountability

        MRA efforts are geared towards the development of the Authority in a manner which promotes a transparent and accountable administration.


  4. Our Role

    The Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) is a body corporate, set up to manage an effective and efficient revenue-raising system. It administers and collects taxes due in Mauritius within an integrated organisational structure.


    The MRA is an agent of State and, as such, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development continues to have overall responsibility for the organisation and monitors its performance.


    The MRA is responsible for collecting approximately 90% of all tax revenues and for enforcing tax laws in Mauritius.


    It manages and collects:

    • Corporate Tax
    • Personal Income Tax
    • Tax Deduction at Source (TDS)
    • Value-Added Tax (VAT)
    • Customs Duties
    • Excise Duties
    • Gambling taxes
    • Issue/Renewal of licences & Tax Residence Certificates (TRCs)
    • Passenger Fees
    • Passenger Solidarity Fees
    • Special Levy on Banks
    • Environment Protection Fees
    • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) levies
    • Special Levy on Telecommunications Companies
    • Advertising Structure Fee